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What candle magick can one do with tea light candles?

Just for further reference…I certainly wouldn’t do it for the mere factuality that it’s behold of my eyes. But it’s good to know things for when the time comes…


  1. I make some nice chamomile tea before bed…hmmmm very nice
    (in case you didn’t notice, that was sarcasm lol…I’ve never practiced magic)

  2. ok…. as i understand it. could be wrong. not a practitioner of such things but anywhoo….
    the candles are irrelevant to the actual magick. they are a visual tool to better aid you in harnessing your energy to accomplish such a task. different colored candles are more symbolic toward different things, so the color coordination counts. but it’s not necessarily a written in stone thing.
    from pure speculation based on what i know on these matters, tea light candles should be effective in aiding whatever magical undertaking you wish, provided you’re in touch with yourself and nature enough. as that’s what they’re for. to help you better achieve that “in touchness”.
    hope this helps.

  3. Well, you can still sprinkle it with powders, annoint it with oils, inscribe around the top, etc. No reason you can’t do most candle spells with them, except you’d be limited in what you could inscribe on them because they’re small.

  4. they are nice because you can write on the metal cup – it makes a great inscription surface. i use them when on the road and when i want to do a ceremony in a place where a candle in a metal cup is good for safety purposes.

  5. Do what u would do with regular sized candles you just have to do it on a smaller scale bc they burn out in 2-4 hours and they are small so if u carve in them it may be a lil issue with that. Of course you know most tea light candles come in white they can be used for most candle magic if u dont have the corresponding colors.

  6. You can use tealights for any kind of candle magick that you can use any other candle for. The only thing is that if your Magick requires a LONG time of burning then they probably won’t be very usefull for those spells. I use tealights a LOT, because I tend to not waste very much wax when the spell work is finished. Also tea lights seem to be a lot safer and can be unattended for a short period as they do not fall over or melt all over everything on your altar.
    Raji the Green Witch

  7. first off. I love your avatar.
    I really use candle magick all the time. I have used every type of candle my hand can find. Whatever you can do with a taper or any other kind you can do with a tea light.
    One of my favorites is to honor my relatives who have passed. On their day I put a tea light in salted water light it and let it burn.
    I have used tealights for emergency spells that I need for a friend.
    Anything you put energy into can cause good. Whether it’s the tiny tea light or otherwise.

  8. Really, you can do pretty much the same things with tea lights that you can do wth regular candle, but depending on what you are doing, they may not burn long enough for you. Some candle magick asks that you burn the candles for up to 7 hours or more, and you will only get about 1-3 from a regular tea light. Most tea light candles also only come in white, so you are somewhat limited in the colors if using them for specific things that need a particular color of candle. I personally tend to use pillar candles for my altar, votives or tapers for elemental quarters and particular workings that use colored candles, and the tea light candles I use as decorative for around the temple and additional light. They give a nice warm glow to the room in addition to the regular candles you use, and make it easier to read if you need to.

    • You can use a white candle for any purpose,you do not have to be restricted by one color.The belief starts in your mind not the candle

  9. Tealight candles are especially nice to use in bathing
    rituals for cleansing negativity, purification, healing…etc.
    They come in a variety of colors. You can find them in
    Dollar stores everywhere or make them yourself (like I do)-
    I load mine with herbs, oils and magickal intent.
    I am a Reiki Master too, so it adds power to my work.
    You can change the atmosphere in any room in your home
    using tealight candles. Create some wonderful thoughts and indulge yourself in cozy energy.


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