What can you tell me about the period between death and rebirth in Reincarnation?

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Thanks for sharing.

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it is infinitely long


It’s called bardo


my understanding is it is similar to when you’re asleep with alternating periods of deep sleep and dreaming. How long this goes on depends on your karma. That is, how long a sleep you need in order to heal yourself of all the suffering you did in your life. Also when a suitable new life arises for you that will be the best vehicle for your development. A good matchup, in other words.


Spirituality has two versions:
1) Death is beginning of new life.
Soul departs from a given Body…to find New Body;
This switch is near instant to a few days…generally presumed as 13 days by hindu ritual.
2) There are seven layers of Hell and Heaven…Departed soul…based on its KARMIC account of just abandoned life superimposed with Past lives… is permitted by Super Power..Creator Almighty…to go through experience as next life.
This hell/heaven is …nothing but the experiential ..circumstances..one is facing …may it be in this life or life to come.
Rebirth…is Hindu philosophy…and reincarnation …is Model Human Life…virtuous for educating human race from time to time

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Dr.John L

I don’t believe in reincarnation but if it exists, it happens right away after death. I don’t think a force that determines to whom an individual will reincarnate determines that. I think it happens randomly or perhaps a determination is made of a person’s life in this world to assign whom or what the person reincarnates to.


The period between lifetimes is about 2 – 300 years. The soul takes a nice long nap during this time to gear up for the next go around.
-cool picture!


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