What Can You Say About the Shadow According to Carl Jung?

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Does the concept of shadow according to Carl Jung have to do with anything prior to the present life? I mean, anything related to prior generations?

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patrick a

Only the shadow knows.

Steele Dolfinno

No, its to do with silly people playing silly mind games, I would,nt worry too much about it….!!


Shadow here, according to Carl Jung is a kind of projection.
The shadow is the deepest, darkest, unresolved side of ourselves, which for most of us is totally unconscious. It is our
blind rage, our prejudices, our destructive tendencies, and those unpleasant qualities, which are too negative for us to allow into our field of awareness. These projections are very powerful and cause other people, sometimes our young, to pay the price of our unresolved difficulties. Younger children’s
unconscious particularly fall prey to our projections of the shadow. This will indirectly influence their general sense of well-being and emerge symbolically through their fears and fantasies, their dreams and their irrational experience of reality.


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