Home Discussion Forum What can you obtain through meditation?

What can you obtain through meditation?

I’ve learned how to meditate, but are there other things you can do with meditation? Can you answer some question about your true inner self or something?


  1. Some believe that you can achieve enlightenment. I find, however, that, for the most part, meditation is just incredibly peaceful. Through the thought process achieved in a zenlike, meditative state, you CAN find out a lot about yourself.

  2. Nirvana
    Just kidding, unless you are a Zen Princess and really are planning to reach an outer body experience. However, you can do some great random things with it like develop your psychic ability, concentrate more, hypnosis, open the chakras, etc.

  3. The single greatest aspiration of meditation is objectivity…
    The ability to see truth without the “mind” warping, obfuscating, or coloring it according to prejudice or desire…
    Monks call this unbiased view, transcendence or enlightenment, but it all boils down to getting yourself free of the lies that you tell yourself…And those are the worst lies of all…
    If you free yourself of all your emotional and itellectual baggage, you will be able to see your potential, you will be able to see how yourself and others hold you back from greater achievements…And you will see that the world prefers you to remain ignorant and self-absorbed, because you would be more difficult to control if your mind were free…

  4. basically thru meditation you can obtain peace, and there are many things you can do with peace… for instance when you are peaceful you can think better so yes, you can probably answer some qustions abt your inner self now that you are at peace and not only worried abt your material world and other distracting issues.. hope i helped!

  5. The biggest advantage gained by meditation (at least by Transcendental Meditation) is that it removes stress from the nervous system making you feel younger, nimber and more in tune with your environment.

  6. Intelligent Question. Actually real meditation is to meditate on the name of God. All other meditations are considered useless in this age because we are not qualified to do such meditation. Most don’t know what to even meditate on. The Maha Mantra is the Most recommended Mantra to meditate on (the great Mantra for deliverance from all suffering and illusion) One should read The BHagavad Gita as it is By Bhaktivedata PRabhupada to understand the mantra fully. For info go to harekrishnatemple.com for info or e-mail me for another direct site for more details and other mantras.

  7. Peace. Meditating on a question can bring answers to that question be it about your true inner self or goals or some other question that you can’t find answers to otherwise. Meditation is a great way to learn about true life’s purpose and meaning for you and a way to hear your inner voice or inner guidance.


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