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What can you eat, drink or do to get physically closer to a higher state of consciousness? To reach your?

inner self. Is there a film or book that might be helpful with this?
No Tim, that is an Altered State of Consciousness. That is something I have done in the past, but something I do not intend to repeat. I am looking for ideas that are sober from substance abuse.


  1. You cannot get your physical body to a higher state of consciousness, but by focusing your body, mind and spirit on spiritual growth you can achieve higher levels of consciousness. Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi… Many people practise nonviolence in their eating and therefore are vegan. Taking drugs is not a legitiamte way to expand consciousness. Though some drugs are used in spiritual ritual, they are used by people that inherited these rituals from their ancestors and are sacred. A spiritual life is lived by being fully engaged in it – not by escaping it through hallucinegenic drugs.
    Ghost: I am glad you aren’t looking for the magic pill or potion. Yoga and vegetarianism and meditation can lead you to where you want to go. Peace.

  2. Try a sensory deprivation tank with warm salt water no light no noise from outside just you floating. and they have them with or without music. they really do work watch an old film called Altered States with William Hurt ( great actor ) it’s scary so don’t take it too deep.
    There are also centers where you can go and float.. check at your local new age/witch store or health food store/co-op i haven’t looked into them since 1989 so i can’t help with locations.


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