What can you do with magick?

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What can you do with real magick. I don’t mean the turnin people into toads thing I mean real magick that real witches do?

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The Don :>

there is not such thing a magic

Secular Penguinist

Correct spelling errors.

Amiable Atheist

LOL. How do you tell apart the authentic and the fraudulent magic?


Get a working spell checker.


I don’t think real magic exists.


do you mean ‘real magic’ in terms of Parapsychology? telekinesis etc.?
try here.
of course, whether or not it is real is highly questionable. i’m sure we’d all like to have superpowers, but this is a shady area – it could quite easily be entirely fabricated, as could people who claim to be ‘real witches’ – for many, this is a contradiction in terms.


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