Home Discussion Forum What can you do with Ki Qi Chi Energy?

What can you do with Ki Qi Chi Energy?

What all can you do with this energy?
Also, can you moods, whether positive or negative, affect people around you. Can it attract or push away people, or affect their mood?


  1. I believe that the Chi energy, is the basic building block of life, and that its the intention of the person, that creates change in it. In order to create change in it, you must have a beliefe that is so strong, it transcends “believe, or faith” you must have a knowledge that you can do it, and it must be genuine and not pretend.
    You can heal with it, you can create physical changes, there are many things that eastern people do with it, because they are skilled and have the mind set. Some would say that creating a wire of chi from person to person, would be a good way to do telepathy. Nobody knows for sure, but i know that wonderous things have been done in its name.


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