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What can you do with auras?

I can see auras, so I know how people are feeling and everything, but…can you do anything else with it? Like seeing ghosts? Anything? And can you see auras in photographs? Thanks for the help! (: And skeptics please stay away. Thanks.


  1. Don’t listen to buster he’s a pervert. me I’m not sure. You may need to developed them to find out. if you learn more about your powers then You have a better chance of knowing what they can do. try asking some fellow psychic maybe they can help. Or you can look up things about psychic online that can help too.
    Edit: what ever buster. I’m not the one who said “let me do something to you ass. Me I’m not a pervert I don’t said things like that.

  2. Your Aura is what you are physically,emotionally and Magickly. You can do nothing with it but work to understand who you are.


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