Home Discussion Forum what can you do while astral projected?

what can you do while astral projected?

People say it’s like a dream but your conscious so what basically can you do in this sate?


  1. I don’t quite know yet. I hear that you can fly through regions of the Earth..even travel to other dimensions..whatever you want to. I seem to always feel like I’m being physically hurt when I attempt to astral project..so I’m trying to find a way to fix that. Good luck, it’s different with everybody.

  2. I go to the Astral Plane.
    in that place I meet with those whom i have been seperated with for years. celebrate the pagan/occult holidays. and have fun learning of all those who join me there.
    Many who go there have similar experiences. and i have found that the people/ spirits there are more accepting then those here in the physical relm.

  3. So far, I just move around my house. I’m trying to perfect it so I can go outside and do it. My goal is the surface of the moon. One thing about the astral plane, you see everything but you can’t touch anything because you don’t have a body to touch anything with, it’s a rather weird feeling at first. You can move with incredible speed though. Just think of a place and in an instant you’re there.
    To acheive the astral projection you have to get better at meditation. The interesting thing about it is, if you try real hard, it doesn’t happen, just let your meditation go and think of astrally projecting and it just happens all of a sudden.
    I recently read of the Ping Pong Ball technique of meditation. You cut a ping pong ball in half and place each half over your eyes, you can see some light through the ping pong ball halves but eventually the lack of sensory input shuts down your sight and it goes black, then meditate and astral projection can happen there too.
    Dress in loose clothing or no clothing and be under a blanket, your body temperature drops when you astrally project and you come back to a cold body. It also helps for some reason if you do not cross your feet, legs, arms hands or fingers. Keep them out to your side or alongside your body. Good Luck.
    Blessed Be


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