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what can you do when you astral project?

ive been reading up on astral projection&out of what ive read, i found out that ive astral projected a couple of tims with out knowing it. Ive decided to try it more, and was just wondering, could you go into other peoples/animals bodies? if you think this doesnt exist, just dont answer.


  1. I think it depends on the similarities of the vibratory level of the individuals in question. I you find someone very comparable, then I guess you might be able to enter his/her body. Animals or plant life I’m not too sure about.

  2. No you cant. That’s impossible. You can, however, enter dreams. I astral travel and there are “rules” there as well. You try and mess around, you’ll have things messing with you. The rule of “like attracts like” is enforced greatly in the astral planes. If I were you, I’d study it much much more before you try and carry anything out. AP is not just about getting outside the body. First find out about the many forms of entities that live there, what to expect, and how not to get in trouble.

  3. I’ve tried several experiments with Astral Projection.
    1) Communicating back in time to my sleeping self the winning lottery numbers. – Didn’t work.
    2) Attempting to learning something in my astral body that I could later confirm in my physical body. – Didn’t work.
    3) Enter a friend’s dream and later discuss the experience. – Didn’t work.
    Things that did work:
    1) Contact a ‘spirit guide’ to help me decide if I should take a job that required moving.
    2) Spiritual trip to find peace after my dad died.
    3) Found the answer to the koan “What was your face before your parents gave you a name?”
    My experiences tell me astral projections are really just lucid dreams. You’re not going to be able to supernaturally alter or divine the external world, but you are going to get fabulous insight into your own spirit.

  4. Theres actually quite a bit of mechanics going on when you entertain that phenomena.
    cutting to the chase, it depends how capable you are as a being.
    People today, are for the most part “broken down”. They arent capable of easily flying out of their head and checking out the surf at the local beach anymore. our telepathers dont work anymore (good enough to use)
    The actual life phenomenon that “astral projection” is talking about is the condition of the spirit being outside the body. its that simple. its been made more complex and confused but thats the phenomena that is being referred to .
    Ok, well, a spiritual being who is in VERY good shape can do just about anything. It isnt bound by the physical universe laws of energy and time, space and all that…. since the spirit isnt a component of the physical world (thats a whole other technical study)
    So it (you) can be anywhere you wish, know things much easier and more.
    The problem is that there are reasons that were stuck in bodies – its not easy to just pop out. Even if you do it (for real, not some mystical mis-conception of having done it) you wouldnt be able to control much including your location, perceptions etc due to the messed up state that man at large is in.
    I’ve had several instances of being outside my body – its a unique experience that proves to yourself that you are a spirit, not a body – but no way was I able to accomplish any kind of kung fu stuff – its more like stunned at whats happening and feeling a bit like a fish out of water. Its also very peaceful.
    Im talking about the real deal, now – not some skewed gypsies mystical thoughts about being able to “visit the dead” – hope you follow with this.
    So, the solution would be to improve ability mentally and spiritually.
    OK, I’ll tell ya what Ive experienced…. why not. I wasnt going to but her it is:
    – perceptions are much brighter –
    – you only perceive what is in the environment to perceive (as opposed to the noise of stray thoughts in ones head)
    -your concepts of space change (normally your space is much, much bigger)
    – occasionally upon being back in the body a person gets sick (the condition can stir up previous deaths since the being is “out” of the body
    -thought process is ultra-fast – the mental machinery no longer being bogged down by the mechanical hinderances of the body.
    – there are others too.
    but thats just too much already.
    Learn about life first. otherwise its like racing the Indy 500 before learning a tricycle.

  5. You can do some pretty cool stuff when you astral project:
    1 You can burp the entire Star-Spangled Banner in one burp
    2 You can understand all animals, and realize they are as boring as humans
    3 You have magically clean breath, no need for mints
    4 You can finally get to work on time.


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