What can you do to make sure you get visited by a succubus?

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I think it would be awesome to have a succubus come and visit me.
How do you get the word out to the succubi that you want them to come and visit you?
Do you do some kind of ritual?
Do you have a seance?
Do you use a Ouija board?
Do you have a medium or clairvoyant help you contact one?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You might want to try worshiping the Dark Prince, Lucifer. Offer the eternal salvation of your soul in exchange for a for moments of pleasure with a demon.
If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you.


I have attacked by a succubus before.
It is NOT as fun and cool as think it might be.
It was scary as he–
I hope it never happens again.


Uhuh no tips/advice, but Good luck with that lol hope it works out the way you want it to ;0) lol

Jordan M

uhm, well generally seducing spirits like a succubus will probably come if you isolate yourself, maybe you could go in the bathroom or something and turn off the lights and just start making your request similar to bloody mary. i wouldnt try it though. tell me if it works


This question has been asked I think 100 times since I have been answering questions. So why not do a search for this topic and read what people have already said about it, instead of bringing it up once more?
#1. There is no such thing, this was a way in history to make an answer for why seemingly healthy people died of no apparent reason.
#2. No one can contact them, they do not exist.
#3. More importantly, why would you want some hideous being to have sex with you and drain you of energy? Oh you think they are hot women. Wow
#4. I suggest looking for real women in the real world and spend some time getting some good clothing, some aftershave, saving some money and going out to clubs. I think if you spend less time online? And more effort on meeting actual people you will stop asking this same question in different names over and over and over.
Fantasy is fantasy while a great place in which to flex our minds, it is not a great place in which to spend our lifetime.
Go out and explore your world and enjoy it.

Blake Taylor

Yeah go to the nearest whore pick up. Put a halloween mask on her head and chain your a$$ to the bed. Then tell her for 10$ more dollars she can have her way with you. But dont really chain yourself to the bed. B/c the silly whore will decide to rob your a$$. Go whack off to anime. That sounds a tad bit safer. Good luck.. And make sure that the ho your picking up has a nice looking adams apple ( thumbs up )
And steve….
Please stop asking this question……. Under different names.


alright dude if you are serious the I will explain to you how to do it without a 100 percent chance of losing your soul. You must be willing to let her visit you and you must be desperate for sex. Walk around a graveyard and call out ” I am clean, please defile me” and promptly return to the gate of the cemetary. This must be done at night on a full moon. Walk into the cemetary and lie down on the grave of a virgin. she should appear shortly. Then you propose to her that if you can get her to orgasm, then you get her soul for eternity and she will do the same. Then you must defeat her in a battle of will and conquer her nether region. Good Luck and God save your soul


Steve just be open to the the succubus and you just might get one. BUT bewarned, they aren’t as great as you think they are. They can be possessive and well cause trouble, after all they are demons. Just becareful as to what you wish for, you just might get it. Getting rid of one isn’t easy either, they cling to you.


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