What can you achieve through astral projection?

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Also can anyone share any personal experiences?

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Whoopie Teh Whale Luv You

It sounds kind of… Dangerous O.o


you can achieve what its like to be dead without actualy dieing.


Enlightenment. I’ve never been successful but I study it a lot. It’s for sure worth a try! Takes time though.


With an enema…


You can see things that you normally wouldn’t be able to see. And if your lucky, enlightenment.


Spying. Husband astral projected to me when he was sick in hospital.


I wish I could do it, but my interest in spirituality, meditation, god, etc, comes and goes so that I can’t focus on astral projection long enough to achieve it. But what can most people achieve when projected? You gain freedom from death and are know longer afraid of it. You can see how you might end up in the future, whatever you do realize it’s a personal experience and don’t ever try watching people who don’t want to be watched. Using astral projection for evil will turn on you

Think Outside the BOX

Judging by your avatar: the power of Greyskull.

sacred underpants

you will be able to see joe peterno in the shower


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