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What can meditation do in the physical world?

Imagine going deep, feelings and seeing someone finding you (old friend) could you attract this person?


  1. No. I do not believe meditation (or any kind of thought process) has any ‘magical’ effect on the physical world. Meditation is only for your own personal inner world…

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    The so-called physical world and thoughts, or feelings, are ultimately not separate.
    Your opinions determine your thoughts and actions. Thoughts and actions get responses from the environment.
    It has become clear from recent discoveries concerning quantum entanglement in photosynthesis, that everything is influenced by everything else.
    That provides a physical basis for effects like identical twins and mothers knowing when something is disturbing their entangled other even when they are thousands of miles away.
    There is a very powerful practice that includes the concept of the non-duality of the tangible and intangible.
    I have been using it for some time and have often influenced events at a distance. It’s not magic, just focused reality.

  3. To kinda build on what generalist said, nobody really knows what a thought is. But what we do know is that everything in the universe is run by a vast sea of energy. It’s not religion, it’s science. At the subatomic level, everything IS energy. And it’s not like there are separate bits of energy that are connected somehow, it’s all one big energy field. and so in my own personal speculation, it should be no more difficult to control the outcomes and chains of your own experiences than it is to control how your finger moves.
    I think that ANYTHING is possible to those willing to try hard enough.
    Keep believing.


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