Home Discussion Forum What can lucky buddha statue do for me?

What can lucky buddha statue do for me?

Hi, my boyfriend, how you say, “purchaseing” of a lucky Buddha statue …
I would like to know, what it can do for me, if I rub the belly.


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  2. a statue does little unless you put something to it, if you use it as a reminder then it can be a great influence in your daily life. Buddha wanted us to understand and live well, so maybe at a place where you will make decisions you put your Buddha there to remind you to think twice before
    making a decision, no harm, just a statue of a fat man, but a reminder to think things more thorough

  3. The image of the Laughing Buddha is based on a wandering Chinese monk, Budai (Hotei, in Japanese) who lived centuries ago and is believed to be Maitreya, or the Buddha to come. The statue’s plump figure and benign countenance suggest contentment, magnanimity and plenitude. Folklore has it that rubbing his pot belly brings good fortune and wealth. The Laughing Buddha is seen in different postures, each having a different significance. You can read more about this at http://www.buddhagroove.net


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