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What can l do ?

Hi ,im aspiring to be a folklorist or something along those lines .l have completed the sagas of lycanthropy ,am reading deep into crytozoology now .Have taken personal studies into the following topics
Wiccan and neo pagan practices
Celtic folklore
The salem witch trials
European folklore
Myths of ancient china
Shamanism among the Mayans [only touched on ,not very in depth for this one]
And am a biotech student currently enrolled with environmental science as an elective , all this hpoing l can get into the crytozoology field and work as a researcher .l don’t know how i can get a job along those lines ,paranormal investigator like those .Can anyone answer me ?
Cuz l really spent alot of my life on these and now am about to graduate ,how do i get enrolled into a field like this ?
Tnks for good answers 😀
Tnks annie bt those obsure topics i mentioned other than biotech and environmental science weren’t taught to me ,l self studied them :Dmy councilor would call me crazy if they knew XD
Your answer was good ,thumbs up


  1. Speak to your councilor and they can help you with all this info and maybe even set you up with a job after graduation. they would not teach it if it did not exsit!

  2. Boy,that all sounds really interested.I’m interested in cryto-creatures,and the paranormal myself.I haven’t tried to get a job.I imagine,you can find these subjects in a school.You should do what you want,go for it!and good luck!

  3. there are many ways u can learn about these different phenomenons like vampires and werewolves but u might want to start little with researching fairies and ghosts. there are many stories out there to help u. once u graduate stay a night in 1408 and then maybe that’ll start u off.

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