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what can i use seeing auras for?

ever since i was little, i’ve been able to see auras. i don’t care if you believe in them or not, because i can SEE them. i am living breathing proof. anyway. i’ve always been interested in helping humankind in some way. i want to use myself to better humanity. i’m only 15 but i feel like i have a lot to offer. is there anything i can do with auras to help people? i always know when my friends are in bad moods and when they’re lying by their auras, but is there anything else?
thank you 🙂
keep the negative comments to yourself, thanks.


  1. Just use it to your own advantage.
    Or if you have a friend that is confused about how their boyfriend or something is feeling, you could help them out?

  2. I don’t really know…
    right know i dont think you can do much at your age but you can go into law enforcement or become a lawyer, and tell when somebody is lying, good/bad etc.
    or maybe become a social worker????
    sorry thats all i can think of

  3. Ok, no negative comments I promise!
    First off, good for you for wanting to help people with what you have to offer! You make my faith in humanity stronger. Secondly, seeing auras isn´t much different than ˝reading˝ people via basic psychological profiling (body language, facial expression, understanding voice tone, etc…) So perhaps you should look into how psychologists use those skills to help people? There´s probably a lot more on that topic in texts than you´ll find on aura reading in the new age section for practical application.
    At your age and understanding level, you´re probably looking at helping people on a one to one basis, being something of a confidant or sympathetic ear when they need one. Just don´t get caught up in it and think you know all the solutions to everyone´s problem or else you may end up getting on some people´s bad side. Sometimes it does more good to someone if they can just talk to someone who can understand and know when they need a shoulder to cry on.
    Good luck with your endeavor.

  4. You are indeed fortunate, auras are so subtle that most of us can’t detect them easily. You can discern how the individual is feeling by their auras. Red and blue and purple and magentas indicate a person is balanced and feeling pretty good and doing OK. White or a mustard colored auras indicate they are having problems and need help. I have to stare at a person’s forehead with soft light and a light background to detect a person’s aura. So, I just can’t be doing this in public.
    Blessed Be


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