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What can I do to make hypnosis work for me?

I often try to relax while I’m listening to hypnosis audios but when I’m ‘told to imagine a certain thing I end up seeing nothing in my mind’s eye. I’m really trying to increase my confidence with hypnosis. It seems like I cant be hypnotized. What can I do to make it happen?


  1. you need to be very patient.
    don’t rush through it, because that’s what is causing more tension.
    before you listen to the hypnosis tapes, practice relaxing.
    just do it everyday-before you listen to the tapes.
    lol. it sounds weird. but yeah-try it. don’t be upset if it doesn’t work the first time.
    after all, hypnosis is about relaxing and reaching out to your unconscious mind and you cant hurry that.
    wish you the best

  2. Hi,
    Stop ‘trying’ and go with the flow. It really does not matter all that much if you can picture a certain thing. Almost everybody can enter an hypnotic state, we all go in and out of trances each day.
    Remember a time – no matter how small – that you felt confident, replay that experience recalling as much as you can, how you felt, what you heard, anything that you might see,fully relive that experience and when you feel that so confident feeling, squeeze a thumb and finger together. Do that a few times, it helps you to make a connection that you can feel confident when you want by using resources you already have.

  3. Learning to go into trance is an exercise where you get an A for not trying. listen to your audio with good earphones ,they must be comfortable, good sound quality I prefer the big Earphones with the pillow pads they block out other sounds and make the audio sounds seem to be in the middle of your head they also give stereo that is properly separated, lay on your bed ,or in a recliner on the floor if nothing else. do not try to make it happen. let it happen. it will you will. now remember this is for you not your self.. let your self float .


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