What can I do to have multiple succubi visit me regularly?

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My goal is to have approx a dozen succubi who visit me regularly. If you are a succubus and you are looking for a no-strings attached regular food source that has abnormally high sexual energy then I’m your guy. I prefer succubi with a strong astral presence and that are a little forceful.
I’m obessessed with having succubi visit me. Normal guys want human girls, I want succubi.

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Clever Carl

You’d better be careful. I put out a request for succubi last month, and just out of spite they sent a gang of incubi instead.
Not. Fun.


Be careful what you wish for.


You should get out more.
Haven’t you found out yet that succubi are fictional? Tough luck.


You should get help. They’re fictional beings. Duhh.

steve w

You need to do a couple of hidings here buddy.. 1 being take that wish back because you don’t seem to know what you wish for
and get out more.


you are a dimlit. i hope that you shoot yourself in the foot so that you cannot get away !!!!!

STILL not crazy!

Place an ad in the CASUAL ENCOUNTERS>M/F section of Craigslist. I hear they hang out there…
Just guessin’


You have an addiction you need to cure it by giving the succubi three fifty.


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