What can i do to be more in control of my astral being?

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I am new at astral traveling. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced such negativity in the astral realm as i have. If so, how does one avoid such things.

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Dont avoid it.

Michael (Who is STILL like God?)

Purchase a rocket ship.

Happy D

Meditation and practice


Call AAA and get a map


Encapsulate in the light of the Infinite Creator.

Computerized Version Of Myself

Yes there are a lot of negative things in the astral world. The secret to avoiding such negativity is meditation and raising your vibrations higher because through meditation you are able to rise to a higher level spiritually and you will not experience such things. In the astral like attracts like. Also some of us are protected by the gods so almost never experience anything negative in the astral world, some of this could be an attack by entities that wish to keep us enslaved and from knowing spiritual things like the astral because this knowledge is a threat to their control, hence the suppression of such things in mainstream religion.

Jay M

Well I only projected once but never encountered anything very negative….Ive heard that you can just will your self to another place just by having the thought of something pleasant if you are stressing about all the negative energy around you.


On the Astral planes, like attracts like. Fears become reality until you face them down. Sounds as if you visited the dark regions.
Here is a good tip.
Before projecting think on this.
I will go to the realms of light.
Your experience will then improve.


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