What can I do to attract positive energy into my life?






I have heard of meditation, and certain stones, and rituals…… But what do I have to actually do to get more positiveness into my life, it seems like everyone around me has problems and even though they are not actually my problems, they seem to be bringing me down? What are some things I can do to have more positive vibes???


  1. This list could go on forever!!! I’m 19 y/o and this is what I do: Church and exercise and some therapy (but that’s for a medical reason) but it helps just to talk to people – you may want to consider Tai Chi and/or Yoga
    Hope this helps

  2. Read the secret by Rhonda Byrne, it will change your life.
    It’s all about attracting positive energy into your life. All of the world genius’s believed in it.
    It’s brilliant. give it a chance.
    Hope this helps…

  3. As for your friends, you can think of something special to do for them to show them you care. Perhaps this will help you feel better. Most of the time, a thoughtful act of kindness does more for the person giving it than the person that receiving it.

  4. Each time you think a negative thought, flip it around and ask yourself what you can do to make it a positive. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the mind drama that says, “yes, but…” that will only keep you stuck. Say things in the positive tense such as when you feel fear well up about money, say, “I will know the way to bring money to me right away.” Then watch and listen as it will be shown to you.
    Remove yourself from people when they become negative. Too many people are spouting the doomsday economy and all the ills of the world. When you hear it, excuse yourself and go tell yourself something wonderful that you know about yourself, your surroundings or someone in your life. There is much to be grateful for and the more we notice those things the more positive we feel; the more positive we are, the more others pick up on it and so it goes in a new and better way.

  5. Please do meditation. Meditation is a scientifically proven technique and it can be leant in just few mins. The technique is :- close your eyes, clasp your hands, cross your legs and just be with your natural breath. what ever is your age that many mins you have to do meditation. A person with 49 years of age has to do for 49 mins, 20 years of age 20mins and so on and so forth.
    We are not physical bodies we are energy systems. When we are in meditation the cosmic energy enters into our body and we gain energy for doing various activities. This will not reduce the problems, but you will gain peace of mind & when you are at peace you yourself can solve your problems !!! All the best and happy meditation !!!

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