Sunday, September 26, 2021

What can I do get rid of the negative energies in my aura? Should I carry salt with me etc.?


  1. Stick to positive thoughts. Positive thoughts bring in positive speech and positive action, that is all what is required to clean up the aura as your future also is insured as positive when your present is positive. You need not carry salt with you though salt has the capacity to absorb the negative vibrations and in particular rock salts. As far as quarts are concerned, the energy loss could happen in the presence of quarts and may prove counterproductive, unless you are adept in countering or reversing such depletions in energy.

  2. don’t carry quartz…quartz amplifies.
    SMOKY quartz is a different story. also, at the end of the day it would be beneficial to hold it under running water and use your intention to “cleanse” the negative energy that it collected throughout the days use.
    one really good one i use, and i only need it for about 10 minutes, is sugilite. i have a really big piece of it. Its purple…mine is extremely dark purple…it feels almost like a psyvaccuum…i get anxiety when i hold it over my solar plexus or heart chakra when i started getting uncomfortable it sucks out the negative feeling…
    so i definitely suggest that initially.
    and then to carry constantly you might try a necklace or bracelet with smoky quartz.
    you might try an apache tear–these help guard me from negative energy and also gives me a boost of optimism and sense of well-being.
    black tourmaline will block negative energy–but you should probably use another stone to absorb or transmute the already existent negative energy.
    citrine transmutes negative energy into positive (its like a psychic filter–if you will) and citrine is one of the only two stones that never need energetic cleansing. the other being kyanite. which is another really great stone for negative energies.
    kyanite has the ability of aligning all chakras without intent. so just by holding it, you bring your chakras into alignment–this can feel very subtle or like a world of difference. and i feel the black kyanite is very energetically protective and refreshing. grounding.


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