what can i do for my gcse buddha art project?

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i am doing a project on art from other cultures for one of my gcse art projects. i have chosen to focus on buddha. i have no idea what to do for my final peice. i need help!|

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Shave your head and get fat.


Dont choose this as your focus if you have no ideas!

English Babe

buddas are very interesting maybe you could a charcoal sketch which you could mix with fabrics or other materials.

Snakeman !

I take it you have ‘artistic licence’ for your exam work – in that you can use your own ideas of how something would look ?
How about finding a load of different pictures of the Buddha – and forming your own interpretation ?
Best of luck – and Merry Xmas !

Viki S

Hey, I do GCSE art, and I have moments like this too. What I normally do is find some artists who i like the work of, and I try to link it in with me final ideas, for example, your buddha. Whether its just a design or pattern or anything, just try to work it in. You could also do some research into the other aspects of the culture and try to add this in. If you need ideas about the media to use, you could just do a big canvas painting, if thats your thing. At the minute I’m experimenting with felting. You can get some really good effects, and it doesn’t take too long. Good luck!


i found this picture…comment image.html
its a stunning image of a monastery in cambodia.
you could play around with it to your strengths.
i also found these…
{credit to the photographers}
think outside the box a little. it doesnt have to be a picture of buddha – plain and simple. think of what its related to.
hope i could help… i loved gsce art 🙂

Raincheck Reg.

This could be helpful:
Gautama Siddartha (c. 563—479 BC), the North Indian prince who became the Buddha, ‘the Enlightened One,’ required his followers to isolate themselves from worldly life. The saffron robe worn by Buddhist monks was a badge which showed ordinary society that they had elected to leave its toils; the colour of this garment was the same as that used to dress condemned men on the day of execution. More…


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