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What can I do (breathing exercises, meditation, etc.) right before taking the SAT to get a better score?

I’m in eighth grade and I’m taking the SAT next Saturday, and I’m a really bad at test-taking. No, seriously, I get really nervous and everything.
And I read in a book that doing some simple breathing exercises can raise your score by more than 100 points. So, if that is the case, what breathing exercises should I do? Be specific, please.
Any other suggestions? THANKS!!!!!!!!


  1. I doubt all of that works…my recommendation is that the day before the test you spend 30 minutes just glancing at your material. After that you should just go outside, talk to your friends and just share a laugh. When you come inside, eat and go to bed early. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep prior to a big test.
    When you go outside, just enjoy nature and its beauty….
    On test day, arrive at the testing location with confidence and I guarantee you will perform to your highest potential.
    People who cram the night before score much lower than people who just relax the day before the exam!!

  2. Hello Bee
    A good tip can be to close your eyes, focus on relaxing your shoulders & neck. Take in 10 deep breaths, not so deep that you get dizzy, but calm ones. Tell yourself that you are calm & in the driving seat!
    Do this regularly through the week so that you are conditioned to relax when you do it.
    Good Luck


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