what can destiny of life do?





by @NGEL B@BY:

to help a bankrupted company that was bought for 400 millions. Destiny of life wants to email god because there’s this person name Tiffany Davis needs a lesson of how to be kind to other human of a different race. Tiffany Davis is a black worker hired by a company named LNR which produce vitamins and health care products that was bankrupted and sold of to a another company for 400 million dollars. This company has different people of a different races however in her shift most of the leaders are black like Tiffany Davis. Tiffany Davis thinks she can do anything she wants she doesn’t like to stay at her department to do her job. She walk around socializing with other leads from different departments. The department that they put Tiffany Davis there as a lead has the lightest duties in the company as inspection which is a sideline job for QA department all they do is seat there and separated tablets from good and bad , when the workers were injured from other department when doctor gives note for them to change their job temporary to a lighter duty they were sent to Tiffany Davis department. Tiffany Davis doesn’t have any prior experience in the department she was placed there because of favortism. The first woman worker that was injured to place in Tiffany Davis’ department was an Asian lady who was injured from tendonitis which she has a stretch legament due to repetions work, which cause pain to her wrist and palm whenever she move her hands. Tiffany Davis tried to talk to other leads to move that injured Asian lady out of her department by telling them that the injured worker can still work in the same department but a lighter duty against doctor’s will. Which she still end up doing the similar work but just somewhat lighter and it took her longer to heal. Tiffany Davis work in 3rd shift as a lead for inspection department the injured Asian lady can’t take her medication at night because it causes drowsiness she had to work with pain then take her medication later in the morning because of her injury she can’t drive home right after she get off from work she has to take her medication, rest and take a nap in the company parking lot for 2 or 3 hours before she has enough energy to drive home when Tiffany Davis saw that Asian lady keep sleeping in the car she went around to make fun of her and try to wake her up saying (hello it’s time to go home I bet you have to make someone wake you up before you can leave) For what Tiffany Davis did it’s illegal to worker comp but she gets away with it because the Asian Lady doesn’t want problems from the company because she think of a long term. The new owner who bought the company still go by the old company’s rule he will come to re organize the company next year. This company has a lot of created positions including inspection because it’s time consuming and unnecessary this can be done by crushing machine and remake them again the previous leaders created this department out of favortism destiny of life wants him to over see and eliminate them to protect his assets and there’s so many talented worker there especially the injured Asian lady who has a good business mentality but never have a chance to grow that was put down to do a difficult labor job because the company is run by favortism and there were so many non- professional workers as well who was promoted by favortism like Tiffany Davis that’s why the company was bankrupted.How should destiny of life email god to help this Asian lady get her prayer answer.

Answer by bongernet
Remember, “god” is nothing more than a nonsense word created by man to explain away all of the things we can’t yet understand.
Religion is a disease of the mind, born of fear, which has done nothing but bring untold misery down upon the human race.


  1. Very touching question, those workers from the bankrupted company took advantage of the company time and money, especially in the inspection department which is unnecesssary, they make up excuse that they have to put more efforts to check every tablets that’s going down the line from inspection machine, if there’s anyone that can do the job faster and better like that Asian lady, they are not happy because they afraid that they won’t have enough work to waste the company’s time and money, that’s why they don’t want her there. I’m sure the new company that’s been in business for years know what to do with these people. I hope they reorganize the whole company, including the old workers that wasn’t suitable for the positions, who don’t speak English well, and ex-con, those were the people that brought the company down, including those leaders that was promoted by favortism and promote and train only their own kind. They can be degrading to the company because they are low quality kind of people, with jealousy and anger, they can do the unthinkable if they are not happy, which they never were, most of them were idiots who act like a big shot, and think like they are so smart; they like to bully workers that have lower positions, and the workers that have lower positions are jealous of each other, instead of team work to make the company grow . Those workers should work at the farm or a lower quality factory job not a big company that produce high quality products, bottom line good quality workers = higher quality products.

  2. destiny of life already got the answer from god that he is taking care of it and soon the Asian lady will get a new position that is suitable for her knowledge and experience 🙂 5^[]^5

  3. The way I see it things will turn and those people will be wipe out they will have a big flood pretty soon only the good people who deserve to be there will be help and they will get the positions that they deserve. I know the new company is sending an investigator to take care of his company they will over see from top to bottom everyone will get what they deserved.

  4. That woman is going to work and stink while you will be free and happier than she can ever be if she continues to act like that.

  5. very good question but you have to ask in details to get some answers. I’m destiny of love and life god told me to be patience because he already saw what happened and he is working on it. The Asian lady will be fine because she is shield with a halo and all of us are taking care of her with our wings 🙂 2^[]^2

  6. Corporations large and small are like small countries in and of themselves. A lot of crazy things happen in companies, most of them corrupt by default.
    Most are run like small dictatorships. Don’t ever confuse that a company lives by the same rules as the country it is based in.

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