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What can a Wiccan do in a paranormal investigation (ghost hunting) team?

I’m an aspiring writer creating a story in the vein of Ghostbusters, Ghost Hunters, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know that paranormal investigation teams use experts from different fields such as demonology, mediumship, and parapsychology. But what abilities can a Wiccan use to aid in investigations? I REALLY NEED SOME GOOD ANSWERS!!!!!


  1. Do not attempt spells on investigations. You heard about karma, right? You don’t cast spells unless all involved say its ok, including the spirit. And unless you can contact them personally to explain what you’re doing, I doubt you will be able to know for sure.
    I’m a Wiccan, as well as psychic, and in charge of a paranormal society in Canada. I have never used anything related to my religion on a ghost hunt except for the odd time I’m asked to cleanse a house by its living occupants. It isn’t needed. When ghosthunting, we all involve ourselves in a certain level of being harmed by malicious spirits. We gather as a group before the investigation and use a non religious prayer to protect and ground ourselves. Maybe you could write one for your group? Just remember to not use any name of a goddess or god, it must be acceptable to all faiths.

  2. Wow, layering one superstition on top of another provides for a multitude of dynamic interactions. Perhaps the Wicca could serve as the sage of the group, like Gandolf in the Lord of the Rings. He/she could cast spells counteracting the evil-doings of mischievous spirits.

  3. not much since I dont believe in magic. My team doesnt allow any occult, witch craft, or spiritualism to be involved in our research. All these other so called fields do is muddy up the waters with a bunch of bunk. A fine example is the difference between watching TAPs and Most Haunted. I hate listening to a half hour of mediums describing everything and everyone they see in “they’re minds eye” only to find that 99% of what they said is wrong or is like a blanket description. How many Elizabeths and Georges were there in old England? nope, keep it real and scientific. Leave the spiritual stuff to madam Zorba and her palm readings.

  4. Since Wicca is a religious belief not a skill or type of person a Wiccan could fulfill any role that a Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, or Hindu could fulfill depending on their individual skills and education.
    If you wish to write more stereotyped unimaginative scripts (an almost guaranteed hit) the Wiccan could be used to spiritually cleanse/bless the house (at the owners request), say prayers for protection (at the groups request and depending on how much supernatural you want in your story).
    Slightly more original ideas would be to have a Wiccan be a trained scientist (say botany, zoology, or something related to nature) that looks for natural explanations first (I do not mean a disbelieving debunker but a real scientist that examines evidence).
    The same person by virtue of their religion could also be concerned with treating both a family/person and the spirit/ghost with humane ethical considerations.

  5. Well I’m Wiccan and we don’t really have any “special powers” that could aid in such a thing. Well… I guess a lot of us know a thing or two about protective spells, but that’s pretty much it.
    If you asked this in Mythology and Folklore or Religion and Spirituality (they’re in Society and Culture) you’d probably get some ideas from the other Wiccans. I’ll star this so all my contacts will see it, though.

  6. they are about as useful as presbyterians. it’s just a religion. they aren’t witches and don’t have supernatural powers.

  7. If you want your book to have a real true feeling about, let her be a medium instead. I don’t think a witch would be of any help.

  8. Other than protection spells, a Wiccan has no more “power” during an investigation than anyone else. My paranormal group has people of all faiths, but we don’t base our investigations on religion at all. Some of us use an amulet, crystal or herbs as protection, some of us pray to whatever god they choose. Have you considered making the character in your book a “sensitive” instead? That could open the door to a lot of possibilities! From one aspiring author to another, good luck!

  9. it’s all fake and entertainment. Know that before you go off writing a story trying to find facts. People need to have an income and things like these are written to encourage people to buy their books so that the writer can survive. Don’t delve into this with your heart and soul…just write an interesting story. Lots of people out there will fall for anything.


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