What came before wicca? Shamanism? idk :(?

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Moiraes Fate

Wicca has its ancestry in many Pagan religions, though its heavily influenced by the ancient Celtic religion.


Wicca did not exist before the 1950s. It’s a Pagan religion originally organized by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente. It is probably the most commonly recognized Pagan religion nowadays, though there are many others.

Majestic Demon

It is a common misconception that wicca is a celtic faith. Wicca has cultural origins in various forms polytheism. Most notably Hellenic Polytheism and Celtic Polytheism. The concept of the elements was Greek in origin.


It all began with someone looking at things and asking “why?”, “how does that work?” and “Why am I here?”.
Over time, this evolved into the earliest versions of what we now call Shamanism, which, in some areas became “mysteries Schools”, full blown religions and Paganism, or what many call Wicca.
That Shamanism also brought about the sciences of Medicine, Astronomy and other sciences that we enjoy the fruits of today.
And to those that do not know any better, Wicca has been around for Centuries, though it was not always called that. All that Gardner did was bring the facts of it to public awareness. Then he created his own Wiccan Path. The word Witch is derived from the old English word, “Wicae”


Moiraes Fate is right. It’s influenced by many old Pagan religions, mostly Celtic Paganism. It has roots in all sorts of things, though.

Nightwind: Adipose says Hi!

Practically everything, since Wicca is a 20th century religion.
And contrary to what others are saying, Celtic belief really isn’t that influential in Wicca. It is one of many sources, but it’s not particularly prominent. Ceremonial magic was way more influential.

Alethia αλήθεια

before wicca? umm ( no order)
Christians muslims pagans shamans satanists jewish toaism


Shamanism, Paganism


Before Wicca? Nothing. Wicca doesn’t have an immediate/direct ancestry. It is a wholly new religion (roughly 70 years old) created under the influence of many many other ways including Ceremonial Magic, Thelema, Kabbalah, other pagan religions and so on.


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