Home Discussion Forum What BUDDHA exactly suggested his followers about marraige and having family?

What BUDDHA exactly suggested his followers about marraige and having family?

What buddha exactly said about marraige or having life partner to his followers?? Did he suggest his followers that it’s better if they can avoid normal family life for practicing to reach enlightment?? Or did he say it’s ok to have marry?
Why iam asking this is no where i find what he said about this in his own words. As we observe buddha’s life, we see having a family is a hurdle in the path to enlightment…


  1. what the heck does ‘reaching enlightenment’ mean? all sounds like fiction fantasy. in real-life , people get enlightened by many things, like seeing ur relatives after many years, discovering ur favourite hobby, etc..

  2. Well, Buddha might be a wise man but he isn’t the only wise man in the world. If you take into account that he was human, most of what he says is opinion. Taking his opinion as fact means that you are essentially following someone else’s will and not your own.

  3. You, yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

  4. The Buddha taught extensively about family life in the collection of sutras known as the Anguttara Nikaya.
    First, he stressed that all beings could attain enlightenment in their present life, whether they were monastics or lay people. Indeed, many lay practitioners attained enlightenment due to the Buddha’s teachings.
    However, the Buddha stressed that lay practitioners could attain enlightenment only if they lived a highly ethical life. In AN 4:53; II 57-59, he described a marriage in which enlightenment was possible:
    “The husband is one who abstains from the destruction of life; from wines, liquor, and intoxicants; he is virtuous, of good character; he dwells at home with a heart free from the stain of stinginess; he does not abuse or revile ascetics and brahmins. And his wife is exactly the same in all respects.”
    The Buddha recognized that not all people needed to follow the path that he took – as a homeless ascetic. Different people have different causes and conditions in their life. Leaving home (becoming a monk) is no guarantee of enlightenment, just as remaining a lay person is no barrier to enlightenment.


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