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What branch of Psychology am I looking for?

In Psychology, I am looking for the branch that studies the subconscious mind. If you need an example then for example how do people know a lot about you just by the clothes you wear or your favorite color? What branch of Psychology studies this? I am also looking for Kinesics and Oculesics classes.


  1. Well, there are many different fields of psychology that incorporate these things.
    The most notable would probably be Psychodynamic Psychology. It incorporates the ideas and theories of Sigmund S. Freud, Anna Freud (his daughter, who primarily came up with the theory of defense mechanisms), Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Ernst von Brücke, and Melanie Klein.
    *However*, you should definitely look into the fields of Cognitive Psychology as well as Behavioral Psychology. Behavioral Psychology (most notable mentions of John B. Watson, Ivan Pavlov-classical conditioning, Edward Lee Thorndike, B.F. Skinner-operant/instrumental conditioning). Most likely you would be interested in classical (“Pavlovian”) and operant (“Skinnerian”) conditioning, as these both address behaviors that are both conscious and subconscious. Cognitive Psychology (most notable mentions of Wilhelm Wundt; Max Wertheimer-Gestalt Psychology; Wolfgang Köhler; Kurt Koffka; and Jean Piaget-a founder of cognitive psychology, although Piaget went on to be a founder of developmental psychology).
    I realize that all my sources are wiki articles; however, I am an undergrad junior psyc major who has been sort of wondering the same thing (and who knows the majority of this stuff by heart; mostly using wiki articles as refreshers for me and a reference for you). I am looking into going into Counseling Psychology. In Counseling Psychology, body language is very important stuff to know about, although not the focus. Hopefully, you see that your examples cast a *broad net*, encompassing a large portion of the psychological field. No single field of psychology (and *very* few jobs) focus solely on subconscious influences, kinesics, and oculesics (the latter 2 being tools/phenomena used in any field of psychology, but not *large* fields within psychology itself).
    Here’s a thought that may help you narrow your search: what specifically do you want (and not want ) to do (answered in the steps/phases): (a) in a career; (b) in psychology (e.g. research oriented, teaching oriented, clinc/counseling oriented, etc.); (c) in your life. This is basic stuff that I have learned in my Career Consultation Lab (PSY 330) course (theory is the Person-Environment Fit theory by Holland; common tests to help with career decision would include the MBTI, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the SDS). What exactly do you want to do? The kinesics and oculesics are a good start, but they are more of peripheral things; look at what your end goal career is (if you have one in mind; if not, it would be a good idea to start thinking).
    Well, I hope these ramblings of a 4.0 undergrad psych major help! Best of luck to you in your future!
    (And, yeah, as williew said, this isn’t easy! But you will get through it.)


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