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What books do you recommend to learn about world religions?

I am interested in learning more about Paganism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism. Books about other religions are perfect too, but I want to read books that contain legit information. Also, books about the different denominations are good, but really, I’d like to read just any legit book on religion.
If you’re going to tell me to read the Bible, don’t bother, I’ve already read it!


  1. “World Religions” by Huston Smith. Very well written and provides a good overview of most of the world religions.

  2. As odd as it sounds for serious students all the “For Dummies” books on religion, at least in my opinion, seem to be a very good jumping off spot for whatever religion you are wanting to study. I wish they were available when I started out. The thing I like about these books in particular is the amount of scholarly references, and suggestions for reading they have. You will find a lot of book recommendations within them.
    Having studied world religions for last 21 years myself, I wish you well on your adventure.

  3. A very great book is book called the Tao Te Ching , it is the book on which Taoism was formed. it is translated into many versions so it is simple to understand and it gives alot of insight , it is a short read but definatly worth it

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