What book do you recommend to learn to read Tarot?

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I’ve got the Universal Waite cards, and the book by Arthur Waite, but the book’s not very helpful. Someone recommended one by Mary Greere. Any other book’s you highly recommend for novice tarot readers?

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Most tarot decks have a book that you can purchase with them.

Maria M

no joke but tarot for dummy’s is great. you can really understand it. some books out there are so technical it con confuse you.


The Universal Waite deck is a great deck despite the book that goes with it. The deck is set up with traditional symbols and that makes it a lot easier to read. Since that deck is the foundation for the rest of the decks there is a really good book on the Thoth tarot that talks about the images of the Waite deck also. It give a really good background on what all of the cards mean and good ways to get your feet wet with the decks. It explains why the cards are what they are and how their placement in the universe determines whether or not they are happy there. Knowing “why” was always a big deal to me, otherwise it just seemed random and that made them hard to remember.
I have several of Greer’s books and really love them. I recommend those to anyone who is starting out. Tarot for yourself and 21 Ways to read a Tarot Card are must haves.


I found “Tarot-Plain and Simple” by Anthony Louis very helpful. It uses the illustrations of the Robin Wood deck which takes its symbology from Rider-Waite, so the images are the same. For each card it gives keywords, situational interpretation, and reference to people, both in upright and reversed. It also touches on some basic numerology that can enhance a reading. Very easy to use!

Sadhara Satguru

You can join our forum if you wish to gain insight into the tarot, I teach & others there have studied for many decades also.
Two of the best books are 78 Degrees of Wisdom I think by Sandra Pollock, they come in parts 1 & 2. An excellent study.


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