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What birthstone is prettier?

Me and my cousins are debating about who’s
Birthstone is prettier…
the November Citrine “mine”
the August Peridot
or January Garnet
Oh and don’t choose one just because it’s your birthstone, just be honest and choose the one that’s prettiest to you. :]


  1. i think the Peridot is really pretty because it’s green (my fav color). oh, and my birthday isn’t in August, it’s in October.

  2. I actually think that the prettiest birthstone is the June moonstone even though June’s birthstone is usually the pearl and even though you gave a list. Just had to give my opinion.

  3. garnet is prettier. it’s a juicy sparkly red. I don’t like green (peridot) and the citrine is ok.
    I am an Aries so mine is Aquamarine/Diamond – not biased


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