Home Discussion Forum What benefits have you seen from regularly doing yoga?

What benefits have you seen from regularly doing yoga?

Also, what kind of foods should one combine with yoga to maximize the benefits?


  1. Yoga changed my life.What many people dont know about yoga is that its much more than just Exercise and postures.Thats only 1 dimension of yoga.There is also meditation and self realization.Meditation and self realization changed my life and ive never been so happy.Anything in yoga has great benefits.I sometimes do the yoga postures to make me feel better and fix the pains in my back etc and its works everytime

  2. Hi Italy,
    While I’ll admit that Yoga isn’t for everyone, I don’t know what I’d do without it. Physically, yoga has made my body strong and lean and improved my posture adding about a half inch to my height.
    Aside from the physical benefits, it also helps to clear my mind and connect me with my breath and my body. I am so much more aware of what stress does to a person and yoga is my way of providing the balance so that the stresses of everyday life don’t manifest themselves in negative ways.
    You’d really have to try it for yourself. Just make sure you get a really knowledgeable and personable instructor :o)

  3. Yes, it will make you leaner, breathe better,and obviously stretch areas that may have not been stretched before. There are still poses I will not bother with as I will still enjoy other fitness exercise and tennis. But it is definitely a complement for me. It is now used by many workout videos when they are building core strength. And not necessarily for fitness but it can also help increase fertility.

  4. There are many benefits from yoga. Its a very calming, relaxed activity, and can help adjust the brain frequency into a more meditative state instead of the chattering mind syndrome. Yoga will help your circulation, which helps your thinking as well. It is great for stretching the muscles which also helps clean away toxins and improve blood flow, which again helps your brain. Your balance will improve, and if you can get into the yoga groove you can improve your patience and learn to appreciate quiet.
    Stick with whole foods, stay away from processed which has a lot of chemicals. Clean water is excellent, too. Eat your veggies as well, they will help your mineral balance, great for de-stressing.


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