what benefits have u gained by opening yr third eye chakra?

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only people who have practiced chakra meditation respond…
what benefits have u gained and how has it changed yr life for you and those around you?
how long did u have to wait before you achieved these changes in your life?
what time of the day u work on yr third eye chakra and why?

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Sleevey, inverted contributor!

You cant open your “third eye chakra’.
It relaxes spontaneously through the act of forgiveness and letting go. It will then open when the Kundalini passes through it to reach the sahasarara chakra. Resulting in the state known as ‘thoughtless awareness’.
If you want it to actually happen to you then go and find Sahaja Yoga classes. They will show you.
Every other chakra meditation technique i have seen has been complete bs, just people making money. The sahaja yoga people are doing it for real.


Perhaps it will help with your appalling grammar and spelling.
Using texting is offensive.

Sadhara Satguru

A very difficult question to answer!
What I have gained is more personal power over who I am spiritually, physically & mentally.
Like all things was a slow twisting journey.
I never focus on my Brow Chakra without balancing & working on the others as that would create an imbalance & as a holistic being that would not be wise.

Splex A

you can check http://www.meditationsguide.com for more info…


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