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what beauty spell can i cast using a rose quartz crystal?(that is easy and effective).?

i only want it for one occasion,im having photos taken.witches only answer please,any people who are against witchcraft and say something rude will be completely ignored.my shoot is on the 22nd.


  1. there is one very powerful spell for this
    simply repeat to yourself many times before the occassion
    ” I am beautiful ”
    you see , beauty is more than just what is on the surface
    and no matter how beautiful someone is , if they dont believe it … it will not show
    and vice versa … even if we arent ” beautiful ” , confidence is one of the most attractive qualities ever

  2. Try Googling Glamour Spells or Fascination Spells. That might help you.
    You might also work on your own self esteem or confidence spell wise. I have been told that the sexyist woman is the one who oozes self confidence. Good Luck.

  3. Is the shoot today or October 22nd. I am doing a beauty spell today that uses rose quartz, witch hazel, rose oil and lavender oil. It takes some time to manifest though, around a month would be my guess since this is my first time doing this one. The moon is perfect today to do this one, so of you reply I can send you the info on it. In general even without following an actual spell, rose quartz can make a world of difference in beauty. Just rub it on your face and picture all your flaws being rubbed away. You can put it in a small bowl of witch hazel or water and use that to rinse your face or as a toner. I noticed a remarkable change in my skin once just by rubbing the rose quartz alone on my skin while taking a relaxing candle lit bath. Good luck:-).


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