Home Discussion Forum What band do you like better, Incubus or the Jonas Brothers?

What band do you like better, Incubus or the Jonas Brothers?

I’m not at all a fan of the Jonas Brothers. But I am a huge fan of Incubus. I just really want to see if Y!A is filled with mostly Jonas Brother fans. If it is, that’s so sad.
And isn’t it weird that a 14 year old girl can’t stand the Jonas Brothers? I’m not a hater. I’m just not a fan.


  1. I don’t like neither of them
    But i pick incubus
    Plus no it’s not wierd. Your a normal 14 year old. Anyone who likes the jonas brothers is probably 12 or younger

  2. Incubus hands down the only way these two bands should be put in a sentence together is if you are insulting the jonas sisters.

  3. Please stop comparing the Jonas Brothers to real bands with real talent. It makes Incubus look bad and it makes the Jonas Brothers look even worse because they can’t measure up to Incubus.
    And of course Incubus.

  4. It’s sort of strange that I happened upon this question…I had to take a long car trip today and I rocked out to Incubus the whole way. Anna Molly is my new fave 😉 I love Incubus…no contest.
    Don’t really have much of an opinion about the Jonas Brothers. They’re cute an all…but just another boy band.

  5. How can anyone even compare Incubus to the Jonas Brothers?
    No contest, no question, hands down, 300% INCUBUS


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