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What attracts you in the opposite gender?

what REALLy attracts you in the opposode gender?aspects of the personality, aura, appearance.. TELL ME 😛


  1. Their personality. I try not to associate with boring people. I like guys who are very social but won’t mind hanging out just me and them.
    My boyfriend is very loud around our friends, always the jokester and the life of the party. But when it’s just us two he’s much more quiet and calm and we can have very nice, serious conversations while still being comfortable around eachother. And I love that, you have no idea how much I love that. We’re very different people, but very similar. I think we’re different in ways a couple should be different–he likes sausage, I like cheese. He likes baseball, I like football. Our little arguments over what to watch on TV and what to get on the pizza keep our relationship exciting. We both have pretty dramatic pasts that we argue and bicker over, too, but overall we’re very supportive of eachother. He’s very loud and I keep him from getting too crazy, and he appreciates it, and I’m pretty quiet, but he breaks me out of my shell. But we’re similar in the way that our vaules and morals are the same. We want the same things in life.
    We also look good together as a couple, which comforts me. He’s six-one, warm skintone, green eyes, blonde hair, nice smile, athletic body. I’m five feet even, pale as a sheet, green eyes, dark hair, straight smile. We compliment eachother in more ways than one.
    So basically personality, but I also have to look good with my guys. They can’t be too awkward looking.

  2. Typically my first impression is visual.But I am intuitive so when I see someone I often get a sense of what lies beneath the exterior. I can not explain how intuition works; only that it does work for me.
    In the realm of visual attraction I like a person to look healthy, balanced, and to be well proportioned.
    To keep my attention one must possess some wit, a warm heart, compassion, and be willing too communicate with me. Being nurturing toward each other is always important to me.
    While I am not athletic I am often attracted to people that are athletic. This correlates to the “healthy” I mentioned above.


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