What astrology symbol is supposed to best get along with Scorpios?

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Any of ’em. Astrology is meaningless. Basing personalities off of your birth date is absurd.


I believe it is SAGITARIUS.


Im not sure but ou can ignore that a$$ hole above. Astrology goes back to greek times. I have a couple astrology books but neither of them talk about scorpios and friends sorry.


I also think Sagitarrius may be compatible… i think i read somewhere that i was compatible with scorpio…


It doesn’t depend on your Sun sign only.
But according to astrology books – Cancer, Pisces and maybe other Scorpios.

)o( Sunshine )o(

Virgos and Scorpios Get along very well.


The best combination with a Scorpio is the Capricorn, because they respect each. And on sexual aspects is a relationship between a Capricorn and a Scorpion unseparable. they match like magnets for a whole lifetime…
Scorpion and Scorpion are consuming themselves (Richard Burton & Liz Taylor).


i probably have to say libra because they balance things out no matter who or what they are


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