what astrology sign am i?





try and guess only from these traits:
hard time letting go of the past
likes to make the things around her more beautiful
critisizes others
extremely possesive and jealous
needs commitment
likes cooking
likes interior design and homes
is very good at debates or arguments
fairly sized ego
stresses out
sensitive to all violence and horror
loves dramatic and calm music
likes making movies and clips
good at directing
very creative
fault finding
extremely suportive and
needs justice
likes things that are pure,wholesom feeling
loves children, and family life
clingy, is scared of abandonment
has few friends
writes and is artistic
and too honest.
also…tends to meet:
taurus’s,cancer’s and scorpio’s
friends with: aquarius’s,gemini’s,cancer’s,and sagitarious’s
sometimes capricorn
hates: scorpio’s, most capricorns, aries, and leo’s
best answer goes to who can guess my sun, moon, rising combo
(not nessisarily in the right order is okay)
heres a big clue: i have no air signs in me.
sorry no scorpio or libra.
try thinking what other sign is materialistic
and homey.
and saggitarius is close…..
you’ve got the fire/earth/water
combo right
but a few signs are mixed up.


  1. my guesses were
    leo sun
    cancer moon
    taurus rising
    leo sun
    taurus moon
    pisces rising
    aries sun
    taurus moon
    pisces rising
    tell me one of them is right.

  2. Oooh these are so fun! Fire/earth/water, hmm..Okay, let’s play a game of elimination…
    You sound a lot like my parents who are both aries. No virgo so that has to be either taurus or capricorn moon. No scorpio, not so sure abt cancer but you Definitely got some pisces in you! Alright my final guess is: aries sun, taurus moon, pisces asc.

  3. saggitarius and pisces somewhere in your chart, that would also explain why you have mixed feelings with scorpio and capricorns.
    m best guess would be:
    Scorpio Sun
    Pisces Moon
    Saggitarius Rising
    tell me if i came close =)
    EDIT: Taurus sun? but thats too far away, the closest you have in your chart to have an Earth sign is Capricorn, which i am one too
    well that helps, now i can conclude that you Have Capricorn/Saggitarius/Pisces in your chart
    maybe some aries too
    ok well, i think theres one thing im sure of now, its that you have Pisces Rising, because you have soulful and compassionate eyes, its cute

  4. Pisces sun, Taurus rising, Cancer moon?
    I might be wrong, but it’s worth a shot.
    I might replace the Taurus with Scorpio, because you are very possessive & jealous and you’re too honest.

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