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What aspects of the personality increases with the level of consciousness?


  1. The more highly conscious a person is the more highly is his or her feelings of shame developed. Why? As a person who recognizes in his or her body that he or she is a spiritual being, wishes to develop his/her spirit. But what comes from the spirit is not base or vulgar or shameless. Spirit is always striving to live in accordance with God’s Will, so to enhance, protect, support, ennoble and all the other good things. The more aware a person gets about this, the more a person wants to connect to his/her finer aspects and more valuable aspects, the more developed will there be a feeling of “shame” which will in the same instance protect a person to degrade him/herself or others.

  2. I’d say you’d become more at peace with yourself and more detached from superfluous material considerations.
    Also, and that is not perceived by those who have not reached that level, your perceptions of persons, things, and facts becomes more refined and subtle.
    In other words, the potential number of persons you can feel in tune with shrinks ever more as your level of consciousness rises. If not in a nurturing enough environment there are risks of getting introvert, of regression and/or of mental illnesses.

  3. “Consciousness” is a perhaps-general term, like “time,” which everyone understands, but few explain well.
    One may approach “consciousness” from a double stance: there is Mind, God’s awareness of Self, and meditation assists Self-realization.
    And, there is organismal sensory data incoming, processed by various physical venues. Kant and others find subliminal sense data moving up to simple ideation, thence to secondary conceptualization.
    So, to begin with, where you place your notion of “consciousness” will condition your notion of “levelness.”
    As you do not indicate whether, for you, “God Is,” or, alternatively, that you regard yourself simply as a grown-up germ, a further answer would be a dual-tracker.
    To cut to the chase, if you’re an atheist learning Tibetan Buddhist insight meditation, and you are able to effect the protocol properly, your normal outer waking reductive, 5-sense kantian awareness, beta wave, will be changed to high gamma wave state-specificity. This in turn finds your awareness or “level of consciousness” highly creative, highly insightful, and highly mentative. Additionally, if you are an honest atheist, i.e., able to inquire/entertain possibilities rather than dogmatically deny, you may experience periods of lucidity, soulfield (or “biofield,” you might say) coherence, which find yourself moving from body “temple” to other vibrancies, regions, perhaps experiencing telepathic notions and information not your own, perhaps experiencing Deity visions (“Dakini Bodhisattvas,” who, to avoid lower spirit intrusion, typically end their contact with a standard closure), future-awareness, and the like.
    Such awareness or “increase of level of consciousness” indeed ought inform, change, the reasonable “atheist”/agnostic, much as e.g. Dr. Elizabeth Mayer’s similar reductionism was changed, per highly-unlikely and incontrovertible experience, as given in her worthwhile “Extraordinary Knowing.”
    A second avenue of “personality increase” occurs with the meditator who is Spirit-aware. There are rather specific levels, both of personal awareness, and of vibrancy, e.g. described in Ann Ree Colton’s “Watch Your Dreams” and Mark Prophet’s “The Masters and Their Retreats,” which are in some lineages (traditions) given highly differentiated descriptions. Such development is best guided by responsible teachers, those with whom you are able to work, and who are genuine. E.g., the folks at http://www.yogananda-srf.org and http://www.easwaran.org or those associated with Dr. Jack Kornfield, “Meditation for Beginners.” Christian meditation, prayer, also works well, as would e.g. Saint Teresa of Avila’s “Interior Castle” protocol. The various accuracies are both correlatable and debatable, but about 75-80% seems imho (presently) about right. (I.e., there are conditioning factors in various traditions, which imo “color” the mapping and accuracy…”rose-colored doctrines” and suchlike.)
    The evidence of increasing consciousness is not simply e.g. the high gamma wave state-specificity, or more lucidity in alpha dream states, out-of-body experience (“Entering the Circle” and “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi, “Light Is a Living Spirit,” O. M. Aivanhov), etc. Additionally, the “works” or “siddhis,” which are properly fruits or by-products of progress in the Spirit, are linked to, and/or are demonstrations of, Soul-individuation (i.e. “level of Soul-individuation” = “level of Consciousness (God’s awareness of Self)”).
    Thus, inasmuch as Soul-individuation moves vibrantly, joyously, electively, along the aspect of Deity termed “Truth,” that aspect of Soul-individuation “increases.” Other major aspects of “personality” which increase with more Mindfulness include: divine Love; Mindfulness and wisdom; Purity; Sciens as Gnosis and Truth of Mater, Matter, Spirit’s formations in Mater; ability to make right choice and be Faithful; Joy of service, and Soul-individuation itself (which is related to what may be termed “Pro-Creation”).
    “Climb the Highest Mountain,” Mark Prophet, has good keys to “magnifying the LORD” in the just-aforementioned venues or “Rays.” (Nb Husserl’s “Rays of Light.”)

  4. All the levels are always there. The awareness and ability to not be trapped in the lower stages is what matters. The personality does not have to change.
    You can choose to get involved with all the individuation of an Indian epistemologist, or you can gain an overview through studying ichinen sanzen.

  5. Oversimplified we become more aware of our interconnectivity to all things especially all of humanity.
    We wouldnt hurt another for our own gain as we know we only hurt ourselves and the collective.
    There are dozens of things worth mentioning but i will only add one more.
    as we know ourselves we know others too.
    We become aware of the subtleties in body language and nuances of others. This allows the seer to know more about the observed than they know about themselves.
    A powerful thing to know others better than they know themselves, the downturn to this is, you can not use it for your own gain or you lose it to that same amount of abuse.

  6. it seems to me that this question involves spirituality, God and certain religions… i think that as our consciousness increases we achieve a higher level of knowledge or “gnosis” (kmowlege)… in early Christianity, Gnostics were considered as heretics becausethey advocated salvation through gnosis and not the orthodox church. other similiar religions to gnosticism are mystics, hindus and buddhists.
    so the more conscious or aware we are, the higher the level of knowledge about the mysteries life and death we have. those who achieve gnosis are usually celibate, reject all forms of a physical nature such as material possessions and develop into ascetics: austerity in manner, appearance and attitude.


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