Home Discussion Forum What are/were/might-be the Keys of Nostradamus?

What are/were/might-be the Keys of Nostradamus?

They are mentioned as a historic relic in the novel ‘100 Years of Solitude’
Polo, i’d rather not see that link. Answer my question directly plz
Polo, i’d rather not see that link. Answer my question directly plz


  1. Mythology, it’s all conspiracy theory.
    I can write now;
    200 years hereafter, a county within a lifetime’s walk of mine, will bear levitation that has no visible propulsive force.
    This could be taken to mean;
    a/ NASA have perfected an antimatter motor
    b/ I’ve built a Hang-Glider
    Perception and bollocks.

  2. nostradamus had ideas above his station. he was a nutter that wrote a lot of rubbish. Todays nutters try to understand his works and claim that they have cracked his code. there were no codes. he wrote in riddles because he was mentally ill

  3. Makes good science fiction. Wasn’t there a program on TV called “First Wave” that used this idea. Somewhat entertaining. Nostie has had too much publicity for no reason, let him back into his grave.

  4. Hi
    I think the keys are codes or solutions to understanding how Nostradamus wrote his quatrains, he had to jumble them all up so he wouldn’t be treated as a heretic, some (if true) are quite amazing he like an old clairvoyant friend of mine Zaraeda, predicted that our next major conflict would include Russia being against us along with China and some middle east countries, for those who don’t believe in this you’re entitled to your opinions, Ozzy always told his friends that the day he died, we’d all be celebrating and happy and of course we all told him not to be stupid some years before Ozzy died he gave me a promotional photo of himself so I put it with the others and it wasn’t until some years after he’d died that I looked at the back where he had written the day of his death (then in the future)….’Ozzy Rae/Race/ Zaraeda born 22nd March 1926….Died 25th December 1983.. Christmas Day.. So much for us celebrating on the day he died eh.
    I noticed some of the people that answered were making fun, perhaps to hide their fear of something, I just thought I’d mention about Ozzy because I think it unfair to ridicule people who can’t defend themselves……or can’t they.
    Ray. West York’s. U.K.

  5. It is written in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci,
    “If you would find the Keys of Nostradamus, seek thou first the Pickup Truck of Nostradamus.
    For it is said, yea verily, that they are in the ignition.”

  6. Well, if you read the link polo sent you, would would of found your answer……
    The Keys of Nostradamus presented the first mathematically sound system for ordering the quatrains-has now unearthed a previously lost manuscript written in the hand of Nostradamus. This manuscript contains eighty illustrations by the master prophet himself further corroborating Ramotti’s previous ordering of the prophetic quatrains. More importantly, using an inscription left by Nostradamus on the stone of Turin, Ramotti has discovered a deciphering code that unlocks the secret texts within the quatrains, further expanding and clarifying the full messages of the prophecies that until now have remained hidden. In his characteristic enigmatic style, what Nostradamus did was create a giant puzzle, the pieces of which he left for future generations to put together.


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