An Indian Yogi has not eaten anything for 72 days.

Scientists and doctors are testing his claim by keeping him under 24 hours vigilance. 10 days have already passed but he has not eaten, nor drunk nor passed urine, which is impossible

Yogi says It is due to Kundalini Yoga that he got such powers, as he gets power from Cosomos and dont need eating or drinking


  • This is possible through Indian system of Yoga

    He is not alone, there had been many such saints in Hinduism and Buddhism, who won over the physical needs with the help of Kundalini Yoga.

    Even some christian mystics in the past showed this feat.(Check in the book Autobiography of a Yogi)

    good that this time Doctors and scientists too saw this miracle. It is already 10 days under their observation and he has not eaten any thing or drank water or passed urine

  • His body can last for a long time without food but not without water. To go for 72 days without water, is humanly impossible..well, to stay alive after 72 days sans water is… wait and see how long this lasts…

  • I can believe in the miracles of Kundalini Yoga !!

    those who are shunning you are afraid of their fake beliefs

  • just another way for scientists to use this to make a pill or something that they can sell to the public and creat huge profit….

    poor simple man….

    1st world always exploiting 3rd world

  • I thought it was incredible yesterday when I read it too!!!

    In fact, it is even more incredible than you described here: He hasn’t eaten for SEVEN DECADES(70 YEARS). Not 72 days!!!!!

  • You know what they say…
    A good Indian Yogi never shows his tricks!
    Just kidding… But it is NOT a miracle.
    The human body can do great Feats.. This may be another one.
    He may have trained for this. Power from the Cosmos?
    More like power from the B.S. part of Space where Aliens Piss and take Dumps.

  • The power of mind over body is sometimes phenomenal and seemingly impossible feats can be accomplished. This takes training and dedication.
    There are limitations even to the mind over body ability and we need to drink and eat, or we will die.

  • This is the same Fakir who failed the test a couple of years ago! Long since debunked, just another example of media gullibility and shoddy reporting.

  • He claimed to have not eaten for 70 years not 72 days. That was his claim, and it boggles my mind. I’m glad they are testing to see if it’s true, and I can’t even believe they have gone 10 days already. I’m not sure how that can be done. Very interesting.

  • yea and why are doctors researching it ???? instead of a priest or the pope ???? exactly. to see if there’s a perfectly scientific biological explanation for that. we seek truth my dear. science speaks the truth. and of course >> with overwhelming evidence.

  • Horsessh*t. Never trust a religious man when he is trying to fool you into believing a “miracle”

  • He’s probably stolen the Indian Park Ranger’s picnic basket again, aided by Indian Booboo.


  • I would need another site to confirm this because I’m not familar with the site you gave and I don’t know how reputable they are.

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