What are your views on reincarnation?





I am an Eclectic Wiccan, and I pretty much believe that after you die you go to the Summerlands until you are ready to return to earth, and that you evolve over the ages, starting from something like a plant or insect and finally becoming a human.


  1. Too Big Of A Topic.
    However Some Buddhist Think It Works Like This.
    You Die Your Body Goes In The Ground, The Worms Eat The Body, The Chicken Eats The Worm,
    The Human Eats The Chicken, The Chicken Becomes Waste, Waste Becomes Fertilizer, Cows Eat The Fertilizer. etc etc.
    Now While a certain Aspect Of Your Being is Gone Your Essence Will Live on Always.
    Is This To Say No Soul, No I’m Saying The Universe Waste Nothing.
    As For Me I Do Not Believe In Reincarnation.
    As It Is Understood In Hinduism Or Wicca.
    That’s Not To Say I Accept The Buddhist View Ether
    My View Is The Universe Waste Nothing.
    And God Is Impartial
    We Judge Ourselves By Our Own Actions.

  2. only humans with our over embellished imaginations can think up something like that,
    i know religious folk like to think we are special but
    we are just star dust
    just like any other creature on this earth when we die that is it you run out of energy and your consciousness ceases to exist its not nice to think that and that’s one of the reasons man made religion but i believe its the obvious truth

  3. I used to believe as a nonspecific pagan that everyone would be reincarnated until one found their “soulmate.”
    I’m not a pagan anymore, and I don’t believe in reincarnation. I believe in eternal and universal salvation through Jesus Christ 🙂

  4. I have remembered some past lifetimes. Mostly I’ve seen flash visions that only last a few seconds, but apparently it is sufficiently enough for me to piece together the rest in a rough draft form. Well, there is also a really great forum I know of that has a somewhat heavily (compared to Y!A on past lives) active sub-forum on past lives specifically. Here it is: http://www.realmsofmagick.com

  5. idk about what you were saying but i believe in reincarnation i met someone who remembered his past life when he was a baby.. He said he remembers at a very young age thinking how did i get here ..

  6. My view is that I have no idea, but I highly doubt that spirits evolve to become violent, smelly, hairless apes.
    That isn’t evolution; that’s ego.

  7. If you live a bad life and die while commiting many satanic sins then you are reincarnated to try again. If not and you die enlightened, your spirit moves on to the spiritual world

  8. Is there any compelling reason to think that it may happen? Really? Anything at all besides somebody once deciding that it might be cool or possible?
    I don’t understand why anyone would think something like that might happen without any evidence.

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