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When I meditate, i try to concentrate on being aware of my surroundings and by doing that I really try to focus on what I hear, see, and ‘feel’ AROUND me. My main purpose for meditating at this point is merely to improve my awareness to help me become more successful at lucid dreaming.
I find that using meditation music helps keep me from losing focus, and when i do, it doesn’t take nearly as long for me to get back on track. I understand that the music (or any external sounds and feelings) will be a distraction to someone who is practicing zen meditation, since the focus is more internal rather than external. What do you think?
In a lucid dream i could practice getting familiar with the feeling of having lots of prana (and other things such as the feeling of skiing as an example) so that when I am awake it is a lot easier for me to generate it. It’s a bit hard to explain but I have had success with it in accelerating my learning with several motor skills. That alone has brought me great enlightenment, although I do plan to practice what you are doing in the future.


  1. I think it’s all dependant on an individual. Meditation music for me is an excellent tool because I have a difficult time shutting my mind up. However if it’s messing you up then you are much more advanced than I LOL!
    Ok I am sorry, I just realized I misread you!!! I agree…obviously lol.

  2. Meditation in religion is an awakening into the different parables of Jesus, stories of Jesus, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on these understandings and change your life, he will show you the way, the truth and the life.

  3. I have practiced zen meditation (‘zazen’ in Japanese) for over 40 years. It is a misunderstanding that zen meditation is more internal than external. In fact zen meditation leads to the awareness that the division between internal and external is illusory.
    Your description of how you meditate in your first first paragraph, with the exception of the last phrase, is EXACTLY the state that all zen meditation leads you to experience. It leads you to experience reality WITHOUT the post-processing of your rational, discriminating mind. This experience is called Buddha Mind in most Zen Buddhist traditions.
    Your rational, discriminating mind is the mind that creates dualisms such as the concept of YOU and NOT-YOU, or OTHER. It is also for creating illusory dualistic concepts such as GOOD/BAD, RIGHT/WRONG, BEAUTIFUL/UGLY, etc… This is the mind that zen meditation seeks to stop, and allow you to experience reality directly. And the only way you experience reality is through your senses, as you’ve described above. You experience reality through your senses instead of creating it, dreaming it, judging it, or the in the worst case, thinking you somehow ‘understand’ it via your rational, discriminating mind.
    Now to your questions about meditation music:
    When you can sit zazen very strongly NOTHING will distract you from experiencing reality directly. This includes music, smells, lights or other sights, hot or cold. You experience all of these but do not judge them or otherwise post-process the experience. That’s where you get the sayings like ‘you ARE the flower’, or ‘you are ONE with the sunset’. When you have these experiences there is no YOU looking at a FLOWER which is apart from you. There is just the FLOWER (and you don’t even think of the name ‘flower’. There is Just THIS! That is zen, that is Buddha Mind manifest.
    When you are just beginning to learn to sit zazen, however, any type of sensory input can distract you, so you are usually encouraged to limit your sensory input as much as possible. This means no music, no pungent smells, not a lot of movement happening around you and sitting in a comfortable environment (not too hot or cold).
    This is the same as learning anything. You don’t learn to ski by going to the ‘expert’ slope. You learn to ski by first just getting comfortable wearing the skis, not even going down a small hill at first.
    So, meditation music or not? For zazen and in the beginning – no. Later on it’s not important. You won’t need the music, it won’t enhance your meditation, but it wont bother you either.
    The one thing that bothers me about your question and that is your stated purpose for meditating – enhancement of ‘lucid dreaming’. Why do you want to do that? Why would you settle for dreams which are illusory when you can fully experience life and reality first hand? It’s much more vivid and exciting and wondrous than any dream could be.

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