What are your thoughts on the following people being apart of the Church of Satan?






Kenneth Anger, King Diamond, Teresa Hidy, David Vincent, Marilyn Manson, Thomas Thorn, Aaron Joehlin, Boyd Rice, Marc Almond, Alkaline Trio guitarist and singer Matt Skiba and drummer Derek Grant, professional wrestler Balls Mahoney, professional wrestler Sterling James Keenan, journalist Michael Moynihan, pianist Liberace, death metal guitarist Matthew McRaith, Sammy Davis Jr. and the artist Coop.


  1. If they’re apart from the Church, then that means they aren’t members. I’m sure the list of people who aren’t part of the Church of Satan is considerably longer than that.
    Other than that, any group that includes Marc Almond can pretty much count me out.

  2. Catholicism, Islam, Masonry, ALL based on the worship of Satan. No big deal that those people you mention did not have the intelligence to realize that they didn’t have to worship in such a way as they did. They could have went to the local church and done the same thing.

  3. I don’t really care. Neither should anyone else. it doesn’t really matter to me what others think. i’m not being rude. I’m telling the truth. people, you can believe what you want to believe, but at the end of the day, i will think my thoughts and you yours.

  4. not surprised at some,
    don’t know others,
    surprised at some.
    they made their bed now they have to deal with the consequences if they are dead,if not then there is still a chance for them to come to their senses.

  5. King Diamond is a great singer.
    I find satan and god the same. Both fake. Though god does seem to be the more evil one!

  6. With the exception of Ms.Hidy and Mr.Joehlin (whom I could not find on wikipedia.),most of those names are known to me. I am surprised that you did not include include Jayne Mansfield or Tina Louise,who are listed by several sources(Marilyn Manson,etc.) as CoS members.
    Two other comments about your list.The first is that the CoS attracts a large number of celebrities,some greatly talented,others less so.That in itself does not make the CoS different from a large number of other religions-or anti-religions.
    The second comment I want to make is that one should judge the truth of any philosophy or religion,not by the star-power of its celebrities, but by the coherence of its doctrines and by the difference it makes in the lives of its adherents.

  7. Just more confirmation of what I already knew…Marilyn Manson was obvious…never heard of the rest of these people though, sound like B-List or C-List people

  8. I am not a member of the priesthood . – the only ones that could ever be confirmed are those who have admitted to membership themselves. I know thath Kenneth Anger was a member under Dr LaVey, I have heard about King Diamond, Boyd Rice, Marilyn Manson ,Sammy Davis Dr and the artist Coop.
    These are people who share a philosophy of Life-they just happen to be celebs. Present High Priest Peter H. Gilmore ( avail on youtube) is an excellant source. Some of his interviews are taped. I have never met this gentleman but he has a great laugh.
    Why would you think it strange? Tom Cruise, Kristi Alley, John Travolta are Scientologists- which is not related. Some people question their familial religion as they get older and change to a form that more closely fits their beliefs. It is an individual choice . But there is certainly nothing wrong with keeping the faith of your fathers ( the religion in which you grew up.)
    Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward ( Mrs Newman) have my deepest respect both as artists and people. They are Catholic. They have lived their lives in their faith. They put out a quality product whose profits go to charity. I frequently buy their products.
    The Reverend Cecil Williams of Glide Memorial Church in SF has walked his talk – he tends to the homeless and poor in the SF area. Fathers Daniel and Phil Berrigan have also followed their stated path for decades.
    There are celebrities in every faith- some talk about it , others do not. Its because it is personal. If you think that you are questioning your own faith- read everything- get the real story and then think about it.King Diamond, Tom Cruise, and Paul Newman all made thair own informed decision. ” There are more things in Heaven and Hell than in your philosophy.” -Shakespeare

  9. If you look up the rules of the Church of Satan instead of just make ignorant judgements about something you don’t know anything about like the posters below, you would find out that they don’t worship the devil, they actually use the devil as a metaphor for the selfishness of the self. I am pretty sure they don’t believe the devil even exists. But who cares it is just another religion. I actually think some of the rules are funny.

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