Home Discussion Forum What are your thoughts on psychic powers?

What are your thoughts on psychic powers?

Think there is any truth to them?


  1. If there is, no one is able to genuinely prove it, that’s why the JREF’s million dollar challenge has never been claimed.
    Too many people are able to replicate supposed psychic powers with non psychic methods, suggesting to me that it’s purely a trick, or in some cases the ‘psychic’ is actually so deluded that they think they are genuine.

  2. No. I’m open to controlled empirical studies to test for them, but there seems little evidence they exist.

  3. Once I thought I was psychic, others did too. It turns out that they are not powers, but we have this really good interpretation, and our interpretation is fast almost always accurate. Not powers or special abilities.

  4. I would answer, but my last answer on this subject was removed so I will have to use psychic powers to give a reply. If you don’t get my answer it will prove that either I or you don’t have psychic powers.

  5. Here are all the known psychic powers:
    – charlatans, chicanery and sleight of hand
    – gullibility and the anecdotal story
    – wishful thinking, delusion, and the fertile imagination
    – guessing, coincidence, and basic cold reading techniques

  6. bunch of fairytales expoiting the gullible human mind to make money. ..thats what it is.
    on another note tho, isnt it ironic that so many christians dont give a crap about psychics but often dont realize that their beliefs in a god are just as questionable ??? !hmm..

  7. Unless there’s a psychic that can tell me what I am thinking of I won’t believe it.
    Most of the psychic analysis are general things that anybody could relate with.

  8. Clairvoyance could also be defined as “clear mind”.
    This can be an attribute by some.
    But can you handle it?
    That takes an advanced heart and mind, lots of wisdom and compassion.

  9. please dont ever mix up sorserers -magicains -mediums – with gods power to know all mysterys -the real future and has known for all time as the bible says in a few passages – i robert c christerson can assure anyone it would be very unwise to question god about these things as witchcraft -austrolegy sighns – all that devil stuff- robert c christerson

  10. I believe they exist, but i dont believe they are evil or good, it depends on who weilds it and for what purpose.

  11. mind reading is very real and average persons has a limited abilities much in the sense of womens intuition but psychic is a broad field of study with a sub categories youd have to define what sort of psychic power

  12. I don’t believe in psychic powers, but I do believe some people are more in-tune with their intuition though….like moms with their children, twins, spouses. that kinda thing. “Psychics” are just really good at reading people and picking up on cues.


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