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What are your thoughts and viewpoints of astral projection and out of body experiences?

I’ve had my share of experiences with this but I would like to hear yours. Any opinions, facts, thoughts, experiences, and resources are welcomed.
How do you accomplish this? Is it accidental or do you do it by meditation? Do you realize it’s happening when you do it? Are you able to control it? Do you think it is safe? Do you believe you can communicate with the dead when this happens? How does it make you feel?


  1. If i could do it, i’d say it would be like being invisible – no one knows you’re doing it, so what’s the point?
    Even if you found something out that could be of use, it’s not as if they’d believe you.
    And if they did, they’d need a reality check.
    Frighteningly, the FBI has made use of such individuals, so that speaks a lot for their approach on dealing with threats to national security that they would step beyond the rational.

  2. I tend to do so during my sleep cycle. I can always tell that I’ve been *somewhere*; there’s a “sense” of traveling that I get when I wake up. When it’s “just a dream”, that sense isn’t there.
    Since I always dream in color, some of my “wanderings” tend to look like different places I know that are jumbled together. I know that this is just my mind trying to react to the “place” in a way I can understand.

  3. Hi,
    I just answered another similar question. Here was my response:
    As a matter of fact we are all familiar with the Astral in a sense because it is the place we go to in dreams. Astral travel is being in that place while fully conscious, like you are right now.
    Astral travel happens when our consciousness leaves the physical body and goes into the Astral plane of the 5th dimension. This happens every night when we sleep because this is where dreams take place. We don’t usually realize this because we have fallen into a dream and usually don’t even realize we are dreaming.
    It is possible to learn how to consciously project or to even wake up in a dream ( that is become aware that you are actually dreaming and therefor are in the astral).
    Since our consciousness goes into the astral every night and since we wake up in our beds, safe and sound every morning it becomes pretty obvious that astral travel is quite safe and natural.
    Anyone can astral travel. Like I said we are all in the astral every night because it is the place where dreams take place. We only need to learn some simple techniques to be able to be there consciously.
    With a little practice almost anyone can learn to astral travel. It is focused concentration at the moment the body falls asleep that result in a conscious astral projection.
    Its great. You can fly, walk through walls and objects, meet people and talk to spiritual beings, get answers about life, travel in an instant to anywhere in the world or even beyond etc. It is really a magical experience and gives you a whole new perspective on life and the universe.
    It is only provable to those who do it. But there is no mistake. You can be just as aware and conscious there as you are right now, and even more so. Any one that has astral projected knows that it isn’t a figment of your imagination, or a dream or an altered state of consciousness. The Astral is a real place.
    The best place to get clear and accurate information on astral travel is her at http://www.astralweb.org or the parent site http://www.gnosticweb.com.
    Both are top notch sites with a wealth of excellent information…best of all it’s free.
    So that was it. To answer your specifics…
    It can be accidental or purposeful by focused concentration.
    Yes you can be fully aware of the process of separation, other times we can just wake up in the Astral from a dream, that is we become aware that we are dreaming and that we are in the Astral.
    Yes you can control what you do just like you can here, except the physical laws are different (like flying or breathing under water).
    It is very safe. It is no more dangerous then falling asleep.
    Yes, the Astral is the place where the deceased go directly after dying.
    It feels great. Very liberating to know that we are not just this physical body and that there is much more to life then just this physical world. I have met with Spiritual beings in the Astral and the love you can feel radiating from them is such like I had never felt it before then.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.
    Kind regards,


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