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What are your thoughts after reading this?

Aura of the Rose
A single red rose rests upon a grand piano, reveling in its own delicate beauty. The room contains no walls; its boundaries are limitless. A rich, midnight black is present throughout the atmosphere. Though the room exists boundless, the rose possesses a divine aura, which blossoms in the eyes of many. It signifies a vast number of things… A petal dropped for Loneliness… A petal shed for Hope… A petal given for Romance… A petal kept for Solitude… Yet, somewhere, amidst all of its meanings, lays a hushed heavenly elegance.
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I’m not asking for a critique, but I’m open to that if you wish to do so. I want to know what your thoughts are after reading this. What does it make you think of? Does it evoke any particular emotions? Thought-out reflections are appreciated.
Why do you intrepret that it is forced? I’m asking this in a sincere manner. I would appreciate reasoning.
Good answer.


  1. The rose is there alone, lonely. There are no walls, signifying no limitations, anything goes, therefore there is no stability. The rose is happy with itself, but wanting to help others.

  2. ~~~ wow,,,,,I have to totally agree with the (no name) person that gave you second answer. I found Aura of the Rose to be very soothing in a way,,,,and yet profound……also almost like a dream one would have. If you wrote this,,,I am impressed and I think you did well… thank you for sharing with us all…..

  3. I think that you presented a very beautiful picture of something there.
    You definitely have a talent for doing that – I would explore it if I were you.
    That was excellent!

  4. A petal cut for war… A petal lost for greif… A petal taken for greed….
    the rose is me and you and all of us. we lose things and loves, just like we gain them. the world is at our fingertips yet we’re content to lay in our own love, lust, greif, happiness, solitude, anger, relief. and just when we think no one notices us bloom or wither or get dug up , some one notices our beauty, or waters us, or gives us new dirt to go through the struggle again.
    but what do i know.

  5. You have potential, however editing the ‘requested’ comments to get the answer you want will limit your growth potential. Even the weakest of replies can be a catalyst for positive change. Technically, you are asking for a critique.
    Many classic songs, poems and symbolism is powered by the use of the Red Rose.
    Before critiquing your work, I would recommend you study and apply the Classic usage of symbolism in a more eloquent manner. The British writers of the 1800’s were masters of this area of botanical interpretations. There is a standard definition used for over 100 years now.
    This presentation is not open for thought, it is “forced fed” to “feel” what you want them to feel about your interpretation of that meaning. I liken it to a “romance novel” that is more detail than depth, and is shallow in its literary substance. It is novice writing and only experience and grammer usage will “you” master this brilliant artform- WORDS!
    Keep up the hard work. Please your own soul.
    To personally align with literature is what creates the integrity of the work of art that inspires the reader to continue and want to experience more of the adventure.
    Best wishes

  6. my first thought is this: if the room is boundless and limitless, what is the grand piano resting on? Or is it floating? Why does the rose need to be on a piano? Why can’t it just be? You have these objects in a room, but the room is limitless – which means it is not in a room at all bc a room implies boundaries.
    It would “feel” better to me if the rose was alone in the “rich, midnight black”. perhaps the fallen petals are floating around in the same area as the rose.

  7. my thoughts after reading this……I felt that the rose represents the heart…..with its divine aura, filled with love and hope, being delicate and beautiful…feeling lonely at times, much like our hearts….but no matter how small it may seem in the large scheme of things…its pedals have the capacity to blossom and hold limitless meanings…thus giving us its heavenly elegance, which is the most beautiful part of all…

  8. It seems to mean that something is taken from you when you are lonely or hopeful. Romance adds something to a life and solitude is not good or bad. The rose represents a human life with its beauty and endless opportunities.


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