What are your thoughts about the spirit world and astral plane levels?

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My thought is that they don’t exist, because there is no evidence they do.


I have no thoughts about either.


thear are 9 astrplains,all are given a different job.we love you all,the holy family

Brayn [P~R]

Vast on an astrological level.


What are my thoughts on the B.S. world and the astral plane level mumbo jumbo? Excellent material for science fiction books and films.

Vintage Barbie

They don’t exist.


My thought is that, in the same idea of innocent until proven guilty, something is false until proven true scientifically. So, until I see hard evidence of the spirit world and astral planes, they aren’t real.


im searching a deeper spiritual reality and i don;t follow any specific religion or a group of people.
Personally I believe there is a spiritual world, maybe with living beings in another dimension, maybe in our minds and what we can be, in a physical level, not just spiritual.
I believe all humans have a great god and goddess, and like all things in life we need to come in touch with it and grow it and learn how to grow spiritually and physically into the perfect being.
And then if there are astral plane levels and a spirit world, we will live in it and meet all beings who live in it.
I found fascinating that humans are beings who can make ourselves live forever and conquer even physical immortality and beings that we can just kill ourselves over nothing!
“If your thoughts won’t kill you, nothing will”


Sadly, there are some people who think if it can’t be dissected, examined under a microscope, or put in a petrie dish, then it can’t possibly exist. Or, worse yet, if they never experienced it, then no one else has and if any one says they have, they’re either lying or crazy.
I believe there is much more to the universe than man could possibly understand. It was only about 300 years ago that we found out we weren’t the center of the universe. We just figured out how to put a human on the moon in the latter half of the 20th century. And, oops, dang! I guess Pluto isn’t a planet after all. So now, we know it all? We have all the answers, uncovered all the secrets? There is nothing more to discover? We can no longer be proven wrong, ’cause we are always right about everything?
I think not.
I believe the universe has many layers. Sometimes our brain (which so far is as largely unmapped and undiscovered as the universe) is able to “see” through the layers. Sometimes, the spirit world invades our physical world. Doesn’t happen to everyone. Some people are more sensitive to it than others. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to me. But, when I hear the stories from thousands of ordinary people, from store clerks teachers cops and homemakers to CEO’s, soldier, bankers and politicians, from four year olds claiming memories living of a foreign town a hundred years ago, which no one in their family has even heard of much less been to, who am I to say, “They’re all wrong and lying. I’ve never experienced that, so there is no way that could possibly have happened!” I just think, “That’s interesting”, and leave it alone at that.
It’s wiser to say “I don’t know”, than “You’re wrong, cause it didn’t happen to ME!”
One time, we KNEW the world was flat.
We KNEW the Earth was the center of the universe
We KNEW man would never be able to fly.
We KNEW Pluto was a planet.
We KNEW there was no such thing as a giant squid.
What else do we just KNOW?


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