What are your personal thoughts on Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha?

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I think he was a very good person with a lot of good to say. I have recently taken an interest in his teachings.

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I'M ON A DIET is back

he was a very intelligent person that spoke very deeply on the realities of life.

Smoking Frog

gautama siddhartha is not THE buddha he is A buddha. its a title and a state of mind

Jayden's ♥daddies♥

a very “enlightened” person


The Buddha had a profound insight into how the human mind functions.
All of us experience dissatisfaction and unease – the feeling that somethings just not right.
This experience has nothing to do with what we believe or how much money we have. It arises because our mind always craves permanence, and yet permanence is not possible.
The Buddha perceived the truth of this – not just as an idea, but as an experience. And then he discovered that we can change the way our mind functions.
When we do this, then dissatisfaction and unease goes away and life expands with joy, compassion, and wisdom.
The Buddha taught that meditation and other practices lead directly to this expansive way of living. All we have to do is practice.
As you can see, the Buddha’s teachings were very simple and also subject to verification. Over the past 2,500 years, many people have experienced the truth of these teachings for themselves – that’s why the tradition has survived for so long.
Best wishes on your path!


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