Home Discussion Forum What are your opinions regarding life on other worlds?

What are your opinions regarding life on other worlds?

Would life on another planet be hostile to us? Humanoid? Would there be males and females? Would they have advanced mental capabilities like telepathy or telekinesis? How would we communicate at “first contact?”


  1. I doubt that they would be hostile if we were not hostile, assuming that they are humanoid. but I doubt that they would be so, maybe more of a plant morphology. males and females, sure why not? gotta reproduce some how right? and if their plants there wouldn’t be a brain.

  2. Life probably exists in other worlds.
    But it is way premature to assume that there is any intelligent life form. And it is probably impossible to meet them.

  3. I doubt their existance, but doubt doesn’t mean “disbelieve”.
    if there are, then likely, they would not be humanoid. my guess is reptilian or similar to wirds (except without feathers).
    I doubt they would have psychic powers. if anything, they’d have the normal genders, or be asexual reproducers.
    communication might not be that hard. most human languages are based on nature. likely, like the egyptians, they may use pictorial methods of writing. at first, we could never understand what they were saying. we wouldn’t even know if their words have “roots”. so it’d take time. it’s likely if we’d know if they were being hostile. creatures tend to display similar traits (open mouths, enlargement, flaring, intimidating sounds….)

  4. I believe there is life on other planets. I would even go so far as to say that we humans and all other animals were created by aliens and that they created religion too, because that would explain why there are so many religions in this world. They want us to worship them as “God”. Some of them would be kind to us others would be hostile. Their mental capabilties far exceed our own, since they created us. It is said that they created humans in their likeness.

  5. I stopped believing in life on other planets when a scientist once said:
    Earth has existed for a speck of time in the timeline of the universe. The chances of other life existing at the very same time is highly unlikely.

  6. Well I really don’t know if there is any chance of life (Like humans) existing on other worlds. If some kind of life form was found I would hope they would not be hostel to us!

  7. They are there but think about this Alpha Centauri is the closest star to Earth (Other then the Sun). But even that is 4.3 light years away. Going there to find life won’t do much good becasue we can’t travel at light speed so it would take thousands of years to get there. If we could send them a message it would take 4.3 years to get there and another 4.3 to get back assuming that they can hear and undertand the message. So my opinion is that if there is life there is somthing keeping us from meating it until we need to.


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